Outdoor remodel


Albany Kitchen Remodel

This project involved a complete overhaul of our client’s outdated space. The existing brown wood cabinets and drawers were replaced with stunning new white ones, perfectly matching the appliances and bringing a fresh and modern feel to the kitchen. The installation of a beautiful ceiling fan in place of the old central lighting fixture has brightened up the entire room, while the new countertop has added both functionality and style to the space. With the outdated wallpaper replaced with a stylish and appropriate paint choice, the end result is a truly stunning and inviting kitchen that our client adores.

Saratoga County Remodel

This project involved a full-scale house remodel that included a beautifully updated kitchen with sleek modern appliances and fixtures, a completely renovated bathroom with a stunning new vanity and gorgeous flooring, and upgraded wood floors throughout the home. In addition, we tidied up the basement, providing it with a clean look and useable space. The exterior of the home was also transformed with a renovated deck and front porch, providing both functional and aesthetic improvements. The end result is a stunning and inviting home, characterized by its modern, sleek, and elegant design.

Rotterdam Rehabilitation

This project involved a complete remodel of an entire house, including a renovated kitchen with modern appliances and fixtures, as well as two fully renovated bathrooms complete with new vanities and shower tiles. The wood floors throughout the home were also upgraded to a stunning new finish, while the basement was tidied up and given a fresh look. The exterior of the home was also completely transformed with new siding and windows, providing both improved functionality and stunning curb appeal. The result is a completely transformed and modernized home that our client absolutely loves.